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About Us

Advocacy, Living and Mentoring After Assault (ALMAA, Inc) is a Chicago Based non-profit (501c3) which was formed after our president was sexually assaulted in 2008 and began to share her story with others. Together, along with a group of civic-minded individuals, we determined that this traumatic event should be used as a catalyst to mobilize social change.

ALMAA’s mission is to promote awareness and provide preventive education about sexual violence and to offer victims a safe, nonjudgmental support/networking system to help them access various resources for recovery.

ALMAA works with parents, educators, victims and victims’ families to ensure:

  • enhanced awareness of sexual violence
  • sexual violence preventive education is provided to all children
  • victims of sexual violence can find the resources to heal from their trauma

Board of Directors

Deborah Wilieko-President -- Email Debbi
Rebecca Fowler-Vice President -- Contact the Board
Kevin Duffy-Treasurer
Janet Bar
Nicole Bohnert
Heather Van Bladel

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