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What is ALMAA?
ALMAA is a non-profit organization that promotes awareness and provides Preventive education about sexual violence and provides a non-judgmental networking system to victims-resources for recovery.

Why was ALMAA formed?
ALMAA was formed to provide much needed information about sexual violence and offer support and assistance to an under-served segment of society.

Why the name ALMAA?
Per Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary
Pronunciation: \'al-mə\
Definition in Spanish: Soul or Spirit---(EN ESPANOL under development)
Knowing that sexual violence impacts victims to the depths of their being, we decided that our organization must assist those in need to restore their sense of self and spirit. Further, it is a powerful gift to be able to educate young people on this difficult subject. We hope that appropriate education may prevent them from ever having to experience such a loss.

Why would anyone need Preventive education?
Preventive Education on Sexual Violence is the key to keeping our children and society at large a safer place. ALMAA believes that the educational process can save one person at a time.

How can I get involved?
ALMAA welcomes all types of volunteers. Please link to our “Get Involved” page and submit your name to assist in fundraisers, have your school’s PTO/PTA contacted for additional information, work on future events, and canvas to spread the word.

What if I don’t live in Chicago but want to start up an affiliate?
If you don’t live the Chicagoland area but would like to start up an affiliate, please use the “Get Involved” page to send an Email to the ALMAA board and ALMAA will be in contact with you shortly

How can I contribute?
As a non-profit organization, ALMAA is fueled by the generous donations of people just like you. Your financial support provides the backbone for our grass roots movement.

When is ALMAA’s next event?
ALMAA’s upcoming events can be seen on the Events page. Our Inaugural Dinner and Silent Auction fundraiser is slated for Saturday, February 13, 2010 @ the Friendship Park Conservatory in Mt. Prospect.

When will the Spanish language version be available?
Since ALMA translates to the word “soul” in Spanish, it is natural that ALMAA has a Spanish component. The target date for completion of the Spanish version is due to be released in the first quarter of 2010. Please stay tuned for details.

What does the logo symbolize?
The logo symbolizes caring, hope and healing. The tilted heart represents caring and hope for victims and those who would like to make a difference in sexual violence prevention. The labyrinth feature of the heart offers peace, serenity, and healing as exemplified in the Labyrinth in Chartres, France.

How often do you update your blog?
ALMAA’s blog is scheduled to be updated weekly but may change more or less frequently if topics of interest need to be addressed in a timely fashion. Visit often to stay in touch.

How can I contribute to the daily quote?
All visitors are encouraged to submit an inspirational quote to the ALMAA “Quote of the Day” repertoire. While we do have a large library of quotes, all suggestions are welcome. Click Here to Submit a Quote

How do I contact ALMAA?
ALMAA can be reached via email or PO Box
PO Box 617843
Chicago, IL 60661-7843