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Sexual Violence Preventive Education

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Arming our families, children, friends, and colleagues with information about sexual violence is the most powerful weapon we can provide to prevent sexual violence.

The Illinois Department of Education has developed age appropriate “Safe Body” sexual violence prevention seminars which are available free of charge via ICASA (Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault) Educators. These 35-60 minute seminars provide the baseline education that all children should be afforded to prevent sexual violence.

So what exactly is sexual violence preventive education? Is it sex education? Why would my students, staff, children need this type of program? The links below answer all of those questions as well as provide information on age/grade-appropriate sexual violence education.

ICASA (Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault)

2nd/3rd Grade Educational Outline Excerpt
   a.Safe Touch
   b.Unsafe Touch
   c.Mixed Up
   d.Safety Rule
   e.Never the child’s fault
II.Video: Yes You Can Say No

4th/5th Grade Educational Outline Excerpt
I.Video: Yes You Can Say No
II.Knowledge Application
   a.Thumbs up, down
III.Role Plays
   a.Presenters do role play
   b.Discuss what the child should have done
   c.Presenters re-do role play
   d.If time, children can volunteer to do correct response to role play

6th/8th Grade Educational Outline Excerpt
Who are safe people in your life?
What is a support system?
Who can you trust?
Who will listen to you?

9th/12th Grade Educational Outline Excerpt
Pre-Program Survey
Agree / Disagree Exercise
What is Sexual Assault?
Role Play or Alcohol Video and Discussion
Rape Trauma Syndrome / Common Responses to Sexual Assault

Please CLICK HERE to have ALMAA contact you about arranging for an ICASA educator to schedule these programs at your school.

ALMAA is also concerned about the increased occurrence of sexual violence on college campuses and offers the following resources for young adult education opportunities.

Connect to PAVE (Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment)
Take Back the Night

Lastly, ALMAA representatives are available to speak to your small group, association, and clubs about the instances of rape, including drug-facilitated sexual assault (DFSA). To contact ALMAA for more information -- CLICK HERE

Learn about substances commonly used in DFSA (Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault)

If we reach one person or child, we will have made a difference.

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