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Sexual Violence Awareness

ALMAA’s goal is to create a positive, open forum about the subject of sexual violence. Awareness is one of the cornerstones of prevention.

There may be preconceived notions of what a victim of sexual violence looks like, or who they are. Victims are teachers, lawyers, doctors, administrators, students, salespeople, stay-at-home parents, bus drivers, business people—you name it.

Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background, we are your sisters, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, wives, nieces and aunts.


your brothers, sons, fathers, grandfathers, husbands, nephews and uncles.

We are—and can be—anyone.

Although the topic of sexual violence can be uncomfortable, we can make a difference if we work together toward the common goal of increasing the public’s consciousness.