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Strong Men Support ALMAA

Strong men support ALMAA…and ALMAA supports strong men.

Good, strong men don’t happen by accident—they happen by example. Developing respectful boys into moral, supportive men does not happen by chance. It takes strong fathers and families to raise children that understand the boundaries applicable to appropriate social behavior, including sexual activity. It takes a society that refuses to permit the objectification of its most vulnerable citizens. And it takes individuals that understand the law surrounding sexual behavior.

Be certain that your child knows the law regarding his or her sexuality.

DOJ Rape Laws, ages, etc

We all have a responsibility to nurture the values of a decent, respectful society. We all have a stake in a better future, and it starts with our children. It starts with us.

If you have been a victim of male childhood sexual abuse there are resources for you as well. Learn more about this subject matter.